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You will be probably amazed to find out that it is more usual for the Croatian heroes to play in the semifinals of the World Cups and European Championships that for the English wankers.

Croats were the third in 1998 in France and won bronze medals. Yet Britons were only the forth in 1990 and won the wooden medals.

Apart from that, the Britishers were in the last four in 1966 in the World Cup and 1968, 1996 in the European Championships.

However, the Croatian footballers in the guise of the Glorious Yugoslavian National Team were in the last four as far as in 1930 in the very first tournament, then in 1962 in Chile.

Besides, Yugoslavia, of which the Croats were an integral part, nearly won the European Championship in 1960 and 1976. England NEVER played in the Euro Final.

To cut a long story short, I have to say that the English side played 5 times (including the current World Cup) in the last four. Yet “the Croatian side” footballers - 6 times, all in all.

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