zheniavasilievv (zheniavasilievv) wrote,

How to write about animation

I think that it is exceedingly difficult to write about animation. The problem of the description of animation is a problem of language. I do not want “to berate” animation but I believe that animation in contrast to feature movies and documentaries is mostly a one-dimensional Art. (Yet there are some exceptions). It is not a flaw of animation but it is the advantage. Animator can concentrate all energy in one point and deal a strong blow.

Yet animation defies description. An animation critic has to resort to tautology: “Father and daughter is heart-breaking”, “Alice in Wonderland is weird”, “Water it wet” etc., etc. Everybody knows it already. There is nothing to add or invent.

I think it is very important to find a new emotional language for animation, a language alien to the usual language of film criticism and inherent to the world of animation. It should be a poetic language. Maybe the best why to describe an animation movie is to compose a poem.
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